Friday, March 8, 2013

We Don't Want You.....

Hey sorry to inform that this will be the last post i make because i can no longer support this so called basketball league. Over the years since i was 17 years old i loved every second of this league but now its not even filled with basketball players instead Its filled with a bunch of crying babies. I have had enough of all these scared non ballers. The organizers try to control their own league but every single chance they get to show that they have control, they get pushed around and get told what to do instead of setting ground rules. This league has became a disappointment in my eyes. I am Ernesto Martinez, the leagues best player for many years and multiple champion of La Liga Mixteca. I am very sorry but this so called hispanic basketball league will not accept you if you are an actual good basketball player or anything taller than 5 ft.At first they say all long as you are hispanic its okay to ball with them and now they say no if you are too good, no if you are too tall (anything taller than 5ft) and no if you dont speak fluent spanish (regarding the fact if you are an actual hispanic) Peace Out.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Los Futuros Estrellas del Basquetbol....

Estos ninos son unos de los equipos juveniles en la Liga Mixteca de Charleston. Su entrenadora Kathy, los entrena muy duro a lo menos una ves a la semana. Si tienen mucho que aprender porque la mayoria de los ninos nunca han jugado basquetbol. Ahorita no mas hay dos equipos en la division juvenil en la liga y se busca mas, por si alguien quiere entrar. Esta es un gran manera para que sus ninos se divierten, no importa si son ninos o ninas. Todos so bienvienidos en La Liga Mixteca.

Friday, March 25, 2011

You Think You Got What It Takes......

We are making a team in order to enter in the Round Ball Classic this year. Tournament starts the 3rd weekend of May. We are only accepting 8 players and only the best will make it and don't worry if the team is full because the weak will always fall and the strong will take over. If you are interested in trying out to be on the "Mixteca All-Star Team" and for further information please call......(843) 442-3503 or (770) 865-8949

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Here We Go Again....

The Primer league has started once again, with the first match up against two powerhouse teams. Miami and Kings were the first to go at it. Miami came out strong scoring but then seemed like there was to much "I' and not enough "We" going on, and its showed as the Kings started pulling the game out in their favor. Great start or not, Miami had a huge problem with the sharp shooters of the Kings that were just too much for the big size of Miami. Ernesto Martinez and Juan Lopez took over the game with multiple three point shots throughout the game. Now with the addition of the new big down low; Jr of the kings has help. Miami stood strong but the Kings always had an answer to all the runs that Miami tried to put on. Despite the great hustle of Aj (Peligroso), hanging on to try and keep his team in the game, the teamwork of the Kings were just too much to overcome. The Kings had control throughout the whole game and came out winning with a nice lead of 14 points. The final score was 46 to 60 favoring the Kings.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Showing Appreciation....

We as the Hispanic community of North Charleston, SC want to show appreciation to the City of North Charleston for allowing us the use of their basketball gyms. We want to give out special thanks to all the friendly staff of North Charleston that work with us in order to make this basketball league possible. We have been able to keep our children out of trouble because of this league and are very thankful to the City of North Charleston because of that. Without you all, none of this could be possible. We are very sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused but we are more than willing to do anything possible, in order to keep you all content with us.Once again thank you for your patience and support for providing a safe and secure environment for us. This message is from everyone in, "La Liga Mixteca"..........If you would like to know more about the wonderful parks here in the North Charleston area...(CLICK HERE)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Going Right Back...

Making his debut once again Ernesto Martinez for the Kings. Coming back after being out for four months, comes back strong but still not where he used to be. Maybe struggling but still the leading scorer for the Kings. Now as informed by Ernesto,"I'm done playing in the league for now, until I can at least perform asI once could". I guess this injury away from the game, gave him time to think about his future and not his ego. No one knows when or on what team he will come back in but in the meanwhile he will give it his all to get back up.

Third Place for All Divisions..

This season was a disappointing early ending season for Mission Azteca after losing in the Semi-Finals agianst the new champs Patriots. After doiminating the season last season, M. Azteca just couldn't make it past the Patriots to advance. M. Azteca came out in Third place in the Primier Division.

For the Primera Division Nueva Vida just couldn't get over the loss that brought them down to play for third place instead of first place. Cazadores saw that and took advantage of that and came out with the win against Nueva Vida. Cazadores took the third place ranking in the Primera Division with a 44 to 42 final score.

For the Second "A" Division, Dragones can out fairly easy with a quiet 39 to 31 win over Rio Delgado.
For the Second "B" Division, Motozintla won the duel against Chicago with an impressing lead by 10 points. With a final score of 39 to 29 favoring Motozintla.